As part of the Republic of Croatia, and having a surface area of 2820 km2, it is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic (with the points of the triangle being: Dragonja, cape Kamenjak, Učka). The coastline is 445.1 km long, and the indented coastline is twice the length of the coastal road. The western coast of Istria is 242.5 km long, and 327.5 km (178.1 miles) long if the islands are included. The eastern coast of Istria is 202.6 km long, and 212.4 km (114.5 miles) long with the islands. Istria is the largest green oasis in the northern Adriatic. Along the coast and on the islands pine forests and distinctive dense green maquis predominate. The maquis is predominantly composed of holm oak and strawberry trees. Woods cover 35% of Istrian surface.

The Greek legend of EGIDA CAPRIS

Even the Gods on Olympus were not unmoved by all the difficulties that Jason managed to overcome. The God Poseidon supported the pursuers, and the Goddess Athena supported Jason and the fugitives. In the heavenly battle that ensued, Poseidon forcefully hit Athena with his sword. Her shield was called Egida Capris since it was clothed in goat skin. It fell into the sea. In response to Athena’s heartfelt pleading, Zeus created the peninsula of Histria from her shield, and shaped the islands around Istria out of those pieces of the shield that had been shattered by Poseidon’s’ sword and scattered into the sea.